I'm Obsessed With These Soothing Polly Pocket Videos

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If you grew up playing with the miniature worlds that were Polly Pocket toys, little dollhouses formed in the shape of compacts that you could slip into your pocket, then you might also become obsessed with my new favorite Instagram account.

Polly_pick_pocket, run by Polly Pocket collector Julia Carusillo, is an incredibly soothing account. I don’t feel anything watching ASMR content, but this relaxes me: watching a stranger open dozens of vintage Polly Pocket dollhouses, flipping through its plastic furniture, moving dolls the size of your pinkie fingernail up little spiral staircases.


I’m also just amazed at how many different kinds there are, like this book-shaped compact?

Is this why Youtube videos of toys being unboxed are so popular with kids? Am I really just a large child?


Enjoy wasting hours of your life looking at these!

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