I'm Not Sure What Rihanna's Selling, But I Know It Is Fierce

Woman on the street checks for witnesses. She pulls something out of her pocket. Is that a gun?? No, it’s lipgloss by Fenty Beauty, because Rihanna’s selling cosmetics now by a gang of models whose beauty is lethal, especially to Kylie Jenner. They are, of course, breaking the internet.


The high-speed preview for the much-anticipated line is being roundly praised for defying the racism of the cosmetic industry, which is cool, and anybody could be in it, just, you know, still not pimply or old people. The big name stars include Somali-American model Halima Aden, who’s walked for Kanye, Duckie Thot of Australia’s Next Top Model, and Slick Woods of Instagram fame.

“You don’t have to be all the same all the time,” Camila Costa tells us. I will do what she says. But tube socks still best reflect my lifestyle, and I’m sticking with that statement no matter what the internet thinks.

Shade names include confetti, chili mango, yacht life, and trophy wife. Fenty goes on sale September 8th.


Julianne Escobedo Shepherd