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'I'm Nobody's Victim, Bitch': The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 11 Trailer Is Here

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In the previous season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, a now Phaedra-free zone, the cast members dealt with the aftermath of the lesbian scandal that rocked the nation. While the dust settled between some (i.e. Porsha tried to make amends with Kandi), the dust between others continued to gather into a large petty dust bunny named Kim Zolciak.

Also last season, Kenya found eternal happiness but chose to share very little (in fact, the absolute bare minimum) about her new husband; Cynthia found a new bae who turned out to be maybe a liar; and Sheree eagerly stirred the surrounding drama like a slimy pot of gumbo.


The RHOA Season 11 trailer introduces a few life changes: Cynthia is dating a new dude, Porsha announces her pregnancy, and Eva does wedding prep. (Kenya is notably absent.) We’ll also get to follow this crew of non-friends on a trip to Tokyo. It’s all par for the course, and honestly the drama seems tepid till we see the new storm that’s a-brewing from the latest cast member Shamari DeVoe, who’s married to New Edition’s Ronnie DeVoe.

In case you missed it, that’s Shamari from BOOM LIKE AN 808, CIRCLES LIKE A FIGURE EIGHT Blaque, and she seems poised to start trouble in an effort to get her contract renewed. “I was a A list when you was a alias,” she says (seemingly to Nene) in a contentious dinner scene. (Bloop?)


Here are some powerful quotes from the trailer:

“I’m pregnant!” -Porsha

“Are you pregnant?” -Dr. Jackie from Married to Medicine (the actual best show on Bravo)

“They are begging for Eva the Diva to come out.” -Eva the Diva

“Raise your hand if you have been in an open relationship.” -Cynthia

“I’ma fight them bitches.” -Shamari

“At the rate we’re going, we’re gonna be married soon.” -Cynthia

“He got my name tattooed, so he ain’t goin’ nowhere.” -Porsha

“You don’t know how to control yo self. That’s the problem.” -Kandi

“I’m nobody’s victim, bitch.” -Porsha

“Ya fraud! Ya fraud!” -Marlo

“I was a A list when you was a alias.” -Shamari

“Welcome to Atlanta, bitch.” -Porsha

Season 11 premieres November 4. Until then, enjoy this blast from the past.