I'm Inspired By This Runaway Cow

Today, a cow attempted to run with the wind in Jamaica, Queens. The animal galloped around the campus of CUNY’s York College with no restraints, and no cares.

Here are some videos of the cow as it truly lives. Watch as it avoids the oppressive grip of the rope and does whatever the fuck it wants:

“To hell with your fences, your buildings, your concrete, and you,” the cow probably said. “I belong in a lush field with a vast sky that allows me to stand, chew, and occasionally sit. This environment is not for me.”


DNAInfo reported that the animal, which escaped from a nearby slaughterhouse, was eventually captured, but don’t think of the cow’s unknown fate. Live in the moment. This cow might be back in a pen, or whatever designated area is chosen for it, but it’ll always have this fleeting experience, where it dared to break free and trot around a CUNY campus.

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