I'm Inspired By This Hungry Sea Lion

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A baby sea lion was discovered living my life at a restaurant in California, doing absolutely nothing while waiting for a chance to enjoy a good meal at a fancy place for once.

After interrupting the sea lion’s attempted respite on Thursday, Bernard Guillas, the executive chef at Marine Room, posted photos of the famished sea lion on Facebook, writing:

“We found This little guy in the The Marine Room restaurant this morning. He was a little bit early for his high tide breakfast reservation as it is this weekend on Sunday and Monday.”

Illustration for article titled Im Inspired By This Hungry Sea Lion

Pictured above: Me waiting on Seamless

“Table with a view please,” sighs the sea lion, upon entering the restaurant.

“Sir,” says a waiter. “You’re a sea lion.”

The sea lion smiles. “A baby sea lion.”

The sea lion pauses, sensing awkwardness from the confused human. Looking around the restaurant, he notes, “You have a fine establishment...”

According to CBS, the sea lion could’ve been displaced due to the “Godzilla” El Niño this year, which has disturbed much of the sea lion population in California.

Sea World rescuers later came to whisk the little guy off to safety. But trust, he’ll be back.


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Image via BBC screengrab

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