A driver in Kokadjo, Maine came upon what appeared to be a fight between two lynxes on the road and caught the interaction on video. Cat fight? Technically yes, but no.

Cat stare-down. While the video is anticlimactic in terms of violence, it’s revolutionary in terms of staring and also a teachable moment about the value of a productive civil disagreement. The lynxes could be friends or could be a couple. Doesn’t matter. Everyone involved talks it out and is fine.


I’ve nicknamed these two relationship-goals lynxes (which happen to be my favorite type of cat, not that you asked) Mabel and Chess. Here’s a loose translation of their argument:

Mabel: What the fuck are you doing here? You were supposed to get groceries.

Chess: I stopped to talk to a friend on the way there...

Mabel: What friend??! We have not had toilet paper for three DAYS!

Chess: That doesn’t even make sense! We’re cats!

Mabel: Shut up!

Chess: You shut up!

Mabel: How mature.

Chess: Can I talk to a friend! Am I allowed to do that, Mabel?! Is that against the rules, Mabel?!

Mabel: I disagree with it!

Chess: I’m okay with that! I’m walking away!

Mabel: Good idea!

Chess: Stop following me!

Mabel: We’re going to the same place!

Chess: I love you despite our disagreements!

Mabel: I love you too!