I'm Having a Normal Fall Morning

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Hello! I am here, on this perfectly fine and beautiful morning, marveling at the crisp Autumnal air. I’m sitting here, looking out at my Los Angeles strip mall view, and wondering if the day can get any better than this.


Right now, water is boiling in my teakettle, because I’m making coffee. That’s what I do on days like today, when the smell of slightly rotten pumpkins and smog wafts through the broken window in my kitchen. I’m looking for a sweater because the floor has a bite to it, and if I strain my eyes hard enough, I can make out my frosty breath when I’m standing with the freezer open. Now my cat is mewling at me for some food, which she likes to do bright and early when the time changes. I’m looking at her do the dance she does around the food bowl. I’m smiling.

Now, I hear footsteps outside. It’s my neighbors, heading into work. I wave to them and they wave back. I can see they’re smiling, too, because it’s a beautiful morning in Los Angeles. More sounds trickle in: the mailperson slamming the door of their van shut, the Porsches on Sunset whizzing by, the garbage trucks trundling down crowded streets. What a wonderful morning to be taking it in.

Oh! The kettle is steaming, so I pour it into the French Press, which makes a faint hissing sound as I push it down. My husband is awake, finally, and he asks me if there’s coffee. He’s lucky I’ve been brewing it. In the fridge there are some seasonally appropriate creamer options, which add a refreshing kick to the ordinary blend I’m working with. He’s kissing me now, and telling me thank you, and asking what I’m working on today. I tell him there is nothing really special happening, save for the fact we are both still alive and enjoying ourselves.

As I turn to make my own cup of coffee, a bird lands on my windowsill, eyes bright and full of mystery. I stand there for a while, listening to its song. What a wonderful day in November!


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