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Illinois Senators Will Likely Vote on Gay Marriage Today

Illustration for article titled Illinois Senators Will Likely Vote on Gay Marriage Today

Illinois senators were slated to vote this week on the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, which LGBT advocates had been working on for months, but now, in hopes of moving things forward as quickly as possible, they'll be voting on an amendment to HB4963, which is about automobile rentals and the Collateral Recovery Act. Come again?


"It's a technical way for us to get the bill moving," Rick Garcia, policy advisor of The Civil Rights Agenda, told the Windy City Times.

The move means that some LGBT families that had traveled to Springfield to testify will not get to speak, but we doubt they'll care if the bill gets fast-tracked through the Senate as a result.


[Windy City Media Group]

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I don't get how something like marriage can be illegal in one part of the country and legal in another. Just have a federal debate about this already.