Iggy, No!

Iggy and Tyga, in the only photo of them together that we have the rights to.
Iggy and Tyga, in the only photo of them together that we have the rights to.
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Iggy Azalea and Tyga, two twenty-something musicians who meet the bare minimum of professional requirements needed to justifiably hold the title of “rapper,” were spotted “holding hands” at Coachella this weekend, adding more fuel to rumors that they are now romantically involved.


Depending on your feelings for each, this is either: A) disappointing for you as an Iggy fan because you think she can do better, B) disappointing for you as a Tyga fan because you think he can do better, or C) disappointing for you as a reader of celebrity gossip because you think celebrity gossip can do better.

Iggy’s fraught history with both the music industry and romantic partners is well documented, as is Tyga’s tumultuous relationship with gossip magnets Blac Chyna (with whom he had a son) and Kylie Jenner (with whom he had a subpar KUWTK plotline). So it almost makes sense that these two, with their similar messiness (some instances more tragic than others), would be drawn to each other.

Anyway, the proof. Excuse me, “proof.” Here they are walking in a VIP area, mere atoms between them. “And then I was like, ‘I never wanted to do ‘Pretty Girls’ to begin with,” Azalea appears to be saying:

Here they are engaging in very low-grade canoodling (aka just conversation?) during someone’s set:


At the very least, I hope they release a single together, but maybe they already have! It’s not like I listen to either of them.

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