Iggy Azalea Released Four New Songs As Proof That She's 'Not Dead'

Iggy Azalea has reassured her fans that she is “not dead” in the physical sense and that she’s retitled her delayed sophomore album from Digital Distortion to Surviving the Summer, but it won’t be out until next year.


According to Iggy, no official singles will be released until January 2018, under a “new label” (she repeatedly criticized Def Jam in the past), but in the meantime she’s offered four new songs as an EP of sorts dubbed 4 My Ratz. “The only reason why it was fine to throw out the songs i did is because they arent album cuts made on label time just songs i wrote for fun,” Iggy wrote in response to a Twitter user.

Iggy also says she’s gone back to working with collaborators from her debut album The New Classic. Despite the Surviving the Summer title, she clarified, there is no seasonal theme, nor is there a confirmed release date.


Good to know she’s still as lovable as ever on Twitter:


In a piece about Iggy’s career evolution, songwriter Verse Simmonds told Jezebel, “I think people are gonna be surprised with her lyrically this time around. That definitely was a major concern of mine. But I don’t think we look to Iggy Azalea to be the greatest MC on Planet Earth. She is a pop rapper.”

You can download her four new songs at this link (via Iggy) and let your ears absorb the evolution. “Get off my ass, you are not a poodle / I’m just out here fuckin’ livin’,” she raps on “Good.” The other tracks are titled “Going Up,” “Hate On It” and “Never Satisfied.” I’ve reached out to a Def Jam rep for comment and will update this post should they respond.


“Never Satisfied”


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