Iggy Azalea Jokes About Castrating Nick Young If He Cheats on Her Again

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For some reason, no one has told Iggy Azalea that you’re allowed to break up with your cheating fiancé because instead, the Australian “rapper” is running around making not particularly funny jokes about cutting off his penis.


In early April Iggy’s fiancé, Los Angeles Laker Nick “Swaggy P” Young was caught on camera discussing his hookup with a 19-year-old woman. Following the release of the video, Iggy didn’t say a whole lot, but hinted on Twitter that she would be sticking with the relationship.

Now, she’s playing much less coy. In an interview with the Orlando & The Freakshow radio show, Iggy gets rather candid about her feelings about the possibility of Nick cheating on her again (via Page Six):

“I’m not cool with it. Like you’ll have half a penis. I already said, I was like, one more video, just one more thing and you will lose a quarter of your meat.”


She went on to say that the reason Young “got to slide this time” was that there was no “real evidence” he cheated.

Now, I’m no relationship expert, but it sounds like breaking up with him might be easier and definitely less illegal and insane.


There are well-known assumptions about how the wives of professional athletes handle infidelity from their husbands that one of the radio hosts notes. Some, he argues are hawkish obsessors who follow their husband’s every move to make sure they’re not banging groupies. And, there are those who ignore or tolerate the cheating, as long as their husband doesn’t bring it home or out in the open. Of course, this is also a bunch of people speculating about the inner workings of marriages that none of us are a part of.

Iggy claims that she will be neither and is expecting the full fidelity of her future husband which is certainly fair, but strikes me as unreasonable when you consider that she’s planning on marrying a man who willingly calls himself “Swaggy.”


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Later on Iggy says she’ll cut off half an inch, which means we have some inconsistent data about how big his dick is.