Iggy Azalea Got a Job That Doesn't Involve Rapping

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“It will definitely be the longest I’ve been to Australia in probably 10 years,” says Iggy Azalea, who’s going back to her native land this year for a new job. Bye!

Now is actually the perfect time for a side project, since her second album remains in limbo (it was originally due June 24, according to Iggy) and her Great Escape tour was postponed until later this year. On Saturday, Iggy confirmed her gig as an X-Factor Australia judge, which will require her to film auditions at the end of June and return for a month in November. Five weeks in total. Peace!

Via news.au:

Speaking after coming off stage from performing for Good Morning America in New York yesterday, the Fancy and Black Widow singer said she was initially not sure whether or not to commit to the reality singing show.

“I really didn’t picture myself being a judge on any kind of television show but I think that actually this could be a good fit for me so I said yes,” she said.


See yaaaaaa!

Last year’s X-Factor Australia panel featured James Blunt, Dannii Minnogue, Guy Sebastian and Chris Isaak. No other judges besides Iggy have been confirmed for the new season. Maybe she can judge all by herself!

Iggy says, “I thought it would be good to come back to Australia and have an opportunity to spend some time there and obviously to see my family, who live in Sydney. So I think it will be a good situation for multiple reasons.” Yes, for multiple reasons.


In even more extraordinary news, Iggy will release a second single to follow up that other single you heard about, sometime this summer, or whatever. Bye!


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Iggy Azalea Got a Job That Doesn’t Involve Rapping Verbal Blackface