If You're Thinking of Being My Baby It Doesn't Matter if You're Black or White (But It Does Matter if You Have a Mustache)

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According to a recent poll, the vast majority of Americans have no problem dating outside of their race or religion. Woohoo! Let's hear it for horny progress!


The survey, conducted by Oxygen Media in conjunction with the premiere of their new dating show Find Me My Man (side note: stop introducing new shows, Oxygen — all we want to watch is The Glee Project), found that 90% of Latina and African American women and 85% of white women had no problem with the concept of having a future partner that was not the same race as them. 80% of the total 833 people questioned responded that they didn't care about their partners religion.

Don't think that this means that we're all free to date and smooch whoever we want in some sort of wild bacchanalia (it ain't Saturday yet, girl). People still have their dating hangups. 87% of women said that they would be turned off by a date with bad body odor and for men, the number one deal breaker was a woman with a mustache.


Ladies with upper lip hair, may I suggest these "Please Your Man" alternatives?

Nothing can stop you now, kid!

Race no biggie on dating scene, but girls, nix the mustache: poll [Reuters]

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Race doesn't matter to me, but religion certainly would if they were devout or strict in their beliefs. I'm an atheist who'll happily celebrate Christmas with the folks and dating a guy who's very similar except his family is Jewish, and it works fine because our beliefs or lack thereof aren't a huge part of our lives.

If someone was very strict or orthodox in their beliefs though, regardless of which religion it was it'd probably be a deal breaker for me (and him too). I certainly wouldn't want to date a guy who in the back of his mind thought I'd be going to hell, or something!