If You're Hungry, Try This Quick and Easy Snack

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Photo: Esther Wang

The beauty of a snack is that all foods can be turned into snack foods. Does it fit easily in the palm of your hand? Are you eating it outside of the typical times of the day that you eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner? It’s a snack!


Once you realize this, a limitless world of snacking is opened up before you, a liberating vista of endless possibilities. No longer will you be constrained by what Big Food calls a “snack.” Embrace your power and creativity, my friends.

Keeping this mindset in mind, one of my favorite snacks I’ve had the pleasure of eating recently was this: some leftover pasta tossed onto a slice of cheddar cheese (the remains from a socially distant cookout I had with a few friends).


Senior reporter, Jezebel


Hazel Cills