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If You're Having a Rough Mother's Day, Billie Lourd Is Here for You

Illustration for article titled em/emIf Youre Having a Rough Mothers Day, Billie Lourd Is Here for You
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When Carrie Fisher died in December 2016, the world lost a great wit, searing memoirist, and kickass space Princess. But Billie Lourd lost a mother, and on Mother’s Day, the actor posted an Instagram photo remembering Fisher.


She also reached out to folks struggling on Mother’s Day, which is a great day for moms and florists, but often much less so for people without mothers, or with toxic mothers, or with mothers who fit lots of other categories you can’t find in a drugstore card aisle. “We are not alone,” Lourd wrote. “Sending all my love and strength to anyone who needs it.”


Earlier this month, on Star Wars Day, Lourd posted another photo of her and Fisher, this time on the set of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Meanwhile, Gary Fisher has not posted on Instagram since April 27, and I am worried.


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Fuuuuck, today is rough. Last summer my dad shot my mother and then himself. This is my first year without her. We were having a rare fight and hadn’t spoken in 5 days and the last text I have from her is “I guess I’m not supposed to have feelings.” All I want to do today is hug her again. Just for one minute. And tell her I’m so, so sorry I didn’t realize she was in an abusive marriage. And that I wish I hadn’t been so hard on her sometimes. I didn’t know what she was dealing with. Sad, sad day.