Within a month of revealing his relationship with Taylor Swift, a well-sculpted bore from the United Kingdom posed in his underwear in a high-profile photo shoot. I’m talking about Tom Hiddleston, yes, but he’s not the only one.

The photo shoot, published Monday by W, shows Hiddleston wearing precisely the pair of very short designer boxers you’d expect him to be wearing. It’s currently causing Hiddlestans around the world to collapse on their Union Jack duvets, but it’s not the first time one of Swift’s new men caused such a fracas by taking off his pants in front of the cameras. In early February of 2015, mere days before beginning a relationship with Taylor Swift, Adam “Calvin Harris” Wiles was photographed in nothin’ but briefs for an ad campaign for Emporio Armani.


Though I know two instances are not enough to qualify this as a trend, it’s worth noting that Swift’s most recent beaus (the only two she’s had since becoming an bona fide pop superstar) have felt the urge to prove their worthiness by showing off their manhoods—that is, their well-toned bodies and barely clothed penises—so publicly.

Famous actors and musicians baring in all (or, you know, most) is an uncommon occurrence to begin with—but it’s particularly interesting to be coming from men connected to a woman like Swift, who so rarely displays or discusses her sexuality. She holds hands in public. She draws initials in the sand. The closest her lyrics have ever get to mentioning actual sex are in songs like “Wildest Dreams,” where she mentions a man’s clothes strewn about in her room. In a surprising (and sort of exciting) turn of the tables, Swift has outsourced the more explicit suggestions of her sex life—ones we as a public have come to expect from our favorite celebrities—to her boyfriends.

Taylor, I’m impressed.

Images via Mona Kuhn, W Magazine.