If You Want to Make Sophie Turner Cry, Take Away Her Juul

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I have personally never cried because my Juul was taken away, but that’s only because it’s never happened. Sophie Turner, on the other hand, has experienced this horror firsthand—while she was trying to work, no less. But instead of throwing a desk through a window like some of us might have done, it actually helped her cry real tears during a scene in Dark Phoenix. Acting!


The majority of the cast appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss the film, and after showing some footage of Jessica Chastain getting bit on the tit by a horse, Kimmel turns his attention to Jennifer Lawrence, letting slip a minor spoiler in that (here it comes!) her character, Mystique, is accidentally killed by Turner’s character, Jean Grey.

To which Lawrence says:

“I teared up a little bit watching Sophie in that scene...it was so honest and real, and it’s because she really was crying because her dialect coach, right before the take, took her Juul away…She started genuinely tearing up. It was like the performance of the year. It was amazing.”

Sophie Turner loves her Juul! Vanity Fair also points out this incredible photo of her Juuling in full Sansa Stark regalia on the Game of Thrones set, an image I love so much I want to convert it to music and make it my ringtone.

“It’s how to act,” Turner said matter-of-factly. “Take it [the Juul] away and then you give it back, and that’s happy and sad.” Pretty much!



Love her, hate this story, hate that product. Nicotine dependency is no laughing matter. I’m 12 years off smoking and I try very hard not to be that person. And honestly, I never did a deep dive into any of the e-cigs but from what I understand they’re just as addicting as regular cigarette. And I don’t think the lack of tar helps lower the risks all that significantly? Maybe there are less lung related issues but the nicotine is still so awful for the vascular system.

I know the point of the story is very behind the scenes and meant to be an adorable overshare by an American’s Sweetheart of the quirky acting method of a free spirit but it just made me sad.

NB: I am not judging smoker, I just wish the allure would disappear. They ruined my life and I’d love to spare even one person the journey.

Thus endeth my humorless sanctimonious rant