If You Think Flying in the U.S. Sucks, You're Right

A survey of a million flyers has confirmed what we all already new—no one wants to fly on an American airline if they can help it.

A United Kingdom-based consultancy firm called Skytrax runs an airline and airport review and ranking site that releases stats for the best airlines around the world. Here’s 2016's top 10 list:

1 Emirates

2 Qatar Airways

3 Singapore Airlines

4 Cathay Pacific

5 ANA All Nippon Airways

6 Etihad Airways

7 Turkish Airlines

8 EVA Air

9 Qantas Airways

10 Lufthansa

It’s possible that not many U.S. citizens are hip to Skytrax and registered to vote, whereas the residents of Dubai and Qatar were quick to put their fleets in the top two spots. But that still doesn’t explain why the complimentary bag of Terra potato chips on Jet Blue are so dang small.


The winner for North American Regional Airline was Porter Airline, which is based in Canada. Virgin Airlines did win an award, for best airline in North America. How does that differ from North American Regional Airline? CNN reports that Skytrax CEO Edward Plaisted kind of describes it as a Miss Congeniality award, because Virgin Airlines is so, so nice:

“The Middle East airlines have continued to dominate,” Plaisted said after the ceremony. “Virgin America continues dominating on the customer side in North America. Turkish Airlines is a big favorite.”

If only we could fly Turkish Airlines domestically.

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