Screengrab via The Tonight Show.

Saying goodbye to Michelle Obama has been an agonizing process. The Tonight Show gave ordinary citizens a chance to record their farewell messages to her on Wednesday night, and though they may make you cry, the segment does highlight how one person can give so many hope.

It wouldn’t be a late night bit, though, if there weren’t a surprise set up. Folks are ushered in to speak to a portrait of Michelle Obama, after being told their goodbye and thank you messages will be recorded for her. After they’ve suitably tugged all our heart strings with stories of how Michelle change their lives—from giving them the strength to do their work to getting their kids to eat kale—she pops out with a surprise hug!

Nearly every person starts sobbing, but my favorite reaction is from Alicia, who says through tears, “This is not what I was expecting, I was eating pizza bites yesterday in my bed and now I’m meeting the First Lady. What!” Same, except I haven’t been hugged by Michelle Obama yet.

It is also somewhat satisfying to see how “whatever” everyone is when Jimmy Fallon emerges after Obama. They know what you did.