If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say About Baby Animals, Don’t Say Anything at All

Image via AP.
Image via AP.

The Fort Worth Zoo now has 185 pounds, 6 feet of baby giraffe, and I bet you anything that Stefano Gabbana is sitting in a shadowy wing of an Italian villa cackling “spots! Precious spots” while he sketches out the design for the next Melania Trump statement coat.


Yes, I’m sure somewhere out there some monster in the deepest darkest depths of Twitter is tenting their fingers and thinking about how to politicize this event. Look at this deadbeat siphoning off income tax deductions, they’ll say. This is an EPA publicity stunt for the Endangered Species Act! They’ll say. How can I capitalize on the giraffe cam? They’ll wonder. (ABC is actually reporting that). I just clicked the NBC news link to “Fort Worth Zoo Welcomes New Giraffe Calf,” and guess what? It opened a video about Russian hacks.

No. I will not link.

Instead here is a video of the week-old giraffe baby (called a “calf”–cute!) popping its head out of a door for the very first time and taking a little stroll.


He knows nothing.

Only how to bring joy to the people of Dallas. And me.

His name is Tsavo.

If you are a person kind of heart and with a generous soul, then please will you also enjoy this family of baby orphan animals:


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