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Listen carefully: Are you an NYC-based Associate Producer (Senior) working on a reality or documentary TV show? If so, are you okay? Are you being held against your will in your office? Do you have access to running water and your phone? Do you need help? Based on the following tweet and screenshot of a job listing for the same role, I’m a little worried.


Meanwhile, is it concerning to anyone else that an employer is looking for someone who “always arrive[s] early and stay[s] late” and “don’t have a lot of friends”? If you have seen the real job listing floating around, feel free to drop in the comments or email me at the address below. And if you yourself have this job, maybe quit?


Correction: An earlier version of this post indicated that the job in question was at PBS. According to a representative, this is not a job listing from within PBS’s organization, and appears to be a reposted version of this 2017 listing at an unspecified production company.

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