"If Vogue Gave Your Forty-Year-Old Sister-In-Law A Makeover."

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Did Tina Fey have anything to do with the Vogue letter just sent in her name to promote her cover? In any case, someone in marketing is about to have a rough day. That's G-A-B-B-A-N-A, as in "Dolce, advertiser."


Also: Halley's Comet, Mount Saint Helens. But you can't wear those.

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How condescending. "OMG, nerdy, plain Jane me is on Vogue! This is a shocking event on a par with a volcano erupting! In case you didn't get that, I put in 'forty year old sister in law' to conjure up someone really dowdy and over the hill!"

That is revolting. Vogue could have made themselves seem inclusive and hip by having Tina Fey on the cover but that letter totally reminds you of how elitist and out of touch they really are. Fuck you, Vogue. And as a copywriter - hire a better one. "Lively conversation" and "best wishes for a lovely spring" sounds like a nursing home newsletter.