If These Spice Girls Reunion Concert Clips Don't Make You Happy, Are You Even Alive?

Mel B, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton and Mel C arrive for the press showing of Viva Forever!, a musical based on the songs of the Spice Girls, at a theater in central London, Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2012.
Mel B, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton and Mel C arrive for the press showing of Viva Forever!, a musical based on the songs of the Spice Girls, at a theater in central London, Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2012.
Image: via AP

I have been awaiting clips from the Spice Girls’s reunion tour for what seems like a small eternity, or at least since February 2018, when the Girls first announced they were getting the gang back together (sans Posh, which is fine). At last, my day is here, and it is good. It is great. It is grand. It is Spice Girls.


According to Spin, Mel B., Mel C., Emma Bunton, and Geri Halliwell donned their old sequined dresses and jumpsuits in Dublin on Friday night, performing “Wanna B” and “2 Become 1" all together for the first time in nearly a decade. The show was the first leg of a U.K. tour announced back in November (sadly, they’re not making it over to this side of the pond), and it was not without glitches, particularly when it came to the sound, which came in and out. Indeed, per Cosmopolitan, the sound issues were so egregious, some fans ended up walking out:

Fans did not hold back about their disappointment on Twitter, posting things like, “I was at their show in Dublin last night and it was a disgrace. Sound was shocking. Tons of people left early and it was a very expensive waste of money,” “Too bad you can’t hear a thing. The sound is awful...Loads of people leaving,” and “There’s something wrong when the crowd at @spicegirls concert are all sitting down because no one has a clue what song is on because the sound really is THAT bad.” Yikes!!

IMO, if you paid to see the Spice Girls in 2019, you paid to BE there, not to hear them attempt to belt out some tracks you should have memorized back in grade school. But that’s my privileged, Spice-Girl-ticket-free opinion, as I spent $0 on these concert tickets, and can instead enjoy the spectacle for free from my computer. AND SO CAN YOU:

Anyway, it’s taken about eleventy billion years to get the Spice Girls back on stage, so I’m happy, bad sound and all.


CBS News seems like a wildly unpleasant place to work. So says Scott Pelley, a former CBS Evening News anchor who told CNN on Sunday that he was fired from the gig in 2017 after complaining about the network’s “hostile work environment.”


Per Page Six:

“I lost my job because I wouldn’t stop complaining to management,” Pelley said on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”

“Four or five years ago, I went to the president of the news division and explained to him that this hostile work environment couldn’t go on, for women and men,” Pelley added, referring to then-president David Rhodes. “And he told me if I kept agitating about that internally, then I’d lose my job.”

“I went to [Moonves], who told me he didn’t share my concerns,” Pelley said. “And so, having exhausted the possibilities in the news division, I went to the chairman of the CBS corporation, who listened to me very concerned for an hour, asked me some penetrating questions about what was going on. I didn’t hear back from him, but in the next opportunity in my contact, I was let go from the ‘Evening News.’”


CBS News, which denied Pelley’s account, has been the subject of quite a bit of scrutiny over the last year, with both CBS CEO Les Moonves and anchor Charlie Rose getting ousted over serious sexual misconduct allegations. The company named Susan Zirinsky head of CBS News in January, perhaps in an effort to mitigate some of the damage done by the Bad Men, though former employees continue to point out issues of diversity (and, per one former exec, straight-up racism) at the network.

[Page Six]

Photographer Alexi Lubomirski’s plane nearly crashed on his way to shoot Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Quentin Tarantino for their Once Upon a Time in Hollywood shoot for Esquire. Per Page Six:

One month ago, after nearly crashing in our plane, taking off from JFK, and staying awake all night in the airport waiting for the replacement flight, we got a last- minute flight to LA, went straight to the shoot location and into one of the coolest shoots I have done in a while!


I take issue with Lubomirski’s characterization of that Esquire shoot as “one of the coolest” he’s done, since he also did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement and wedding shoots. Royals > Brad Pitt. I will fall on this sword.

[Page Six]

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