If Miss Florida USA Can't Have Her Crown, She Wants $15 Million

Image via Instagram.
Image via Instagram.

On July 16, Genesis Davila won Miss Florida USA 2017. Days later she was stripped of her crown for allegedly violating the pageant’s rules, and now she seeks vengeance.


The Miss Florida pageant executive Grant Gravitt told Miami’s ABC 10 on July 22 that, “Whether it’s something major or minor, it’s all about keeping an equal and level playing field. Unfortunately, our title holder sought an unfair competitive advantage, and that’s just not acceptable in our system.”

The competitive advantage Gravitt is referring to is Davila’s use of a professional hair and make up artist. It seems insane to me, an extremely amateur beauty queen, that these ladies are expected to do their own faces, but apparently they are. It may be that they’re all secretly using someone profesh on the DL, but Davila actually appeared to post a shot of her pre-show routine to Instagram:

Davila denied that she was receiving extra help with her contouring, telling NBC 6 that she was just visiting a family friend in her mother’s hotel room, saying, “I still feel like I’m Miss Florida USA because I was crowned Miss Florida USA that night... Even though all these false accusations and allegations and rumors have been wandering all over social media, I know that I have proof to show the world that none of this is true.”

The photo above is also dated a week before the pageant, though Gravitt shared it as proof that she used a vendor the night she was crowned. In a press conference on Monday, Davila announced her intention of suing the pageants owners, including Gravitt, Tel-Air Interests, Inc. and IMG Universe, LP. People reports she is seeking damages in $15 million for defamation, quoting her attorney Richard Wolfe:

“We believe [Gravitt] acted maliciously and intentionally, to defame and hurt my client,” Wolfe said in a press conference Monday in Miami.

“We have a smoking gun,” Wolfe said, referring to the photo. “I’ve never seen such a strong smoking gun showing one man’s malice.”

“I am innocent,” Davila said at the press conference. “All these false allegations have taken me completely by surprise. I have faced many challenges in my life, but nothing like this. I am honest, hardworking, who was raised in ideals and principals. I am putting all my faith in my attorney and the justice system to prove my innocence and save my reputation.”

Wolfe and Davila are also seeking an emergency injunction to get Davila’s crown restored to her immediately. Heavy is the head that sues the ass that took the crown.

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well fuck thee gently with a chainsaw

Uncanny! I too seek $15 million in damages from Miss Teen Florida 2017 - for the pain and suffering I’ve experienced as a result of reading about Miss Teen Florida 2017!

There’s mascara all over my face! From the feminist irony tears! Someone for the love of God get Gloria Allred on the phone!