If I Have to Hear This Fox News Anchor Calling Roseanne 'Raunchy and Rough,' So Do You

Surprising no one, some Fox News anchors have already swooped in to defend Roseanne Barr after a racist Twitter rant led to the cancelation of her shitty ABC reboot that the world or at least I did not ask for.

Barr, who also made a nut show no one watched, called former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett an “ape” in a since-deleted tweet. Harris Faulkner of Fox News’s Outnumbered Overtime called the insult “a miscalculated joke” and said that this whole thing is a matter of “free speech.” Faulkner’s guest, GOP strategist Noelle Nikpour, agreed, calling Roseanne’s humor “a little raunchy, a little rough” with all the scandalized reticence of a PTA mom who just saw a Rice Krispie treat that kinda looks like a boob. A little raunchy, a little rough. A little raunchy, a little rough. These words will haunt me to the unmarked ditch for bad at racing horse corpses I shall someday call a grave.

Contributor, Jezebel

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So, a joke about turning lies into eyeshadow is a disgusting insult to “a wife and mother” but making racist comparisons and repeating anti-semitic conspiracy theories is just raunchy fun? Just trying to keep up with where conservatives have the line drawn today...