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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

If Fighting And Drinking Don't Kill Lindsay, Flying Coach Will

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
  • Lindsay and Sam fought in the D.J. booth at a party on Friday, but made up later in the ladies' room. Supposedly Sam won't leave Linds because "she doesn't have a career without her."

Also, Lindsay made a big show of drinking only Red Bull, but after she left a stash of liquor was found under her table. At another party later that evening sources say Lindsay hid a bottle of Patron under the table. The next morning, Lindsay threw a fit when Delta couldn't find her a first-class seat on an already overbooked flight. Passengers laughed at her when she stomped her feet and said to a friend, "you'd better come and visit me back there in case I die." [Fox News]

  • Britney and K-Fed are fighting over an arrangement that would let her take the kids with her on tour, and sources say she'll cancel the tour if they can't work it out. One plan involves Britney paying Kevin more than $4,000 each week she's on tour for reasons unknown. [TMZ]
  • Even Miss Cleo couldn't have predicted this: Vivica A. Fox is the new spokesperson for the Psychic Friends Network. [The Life Files]
  • Heidi Klum successfully sued an unemployed German butcher because he used a photo of her he found on the Internet in an ad for a local dance. A German socialite and actress, Jenny Elvers Elbertzhagen, stepped in and paid the $2,800 fine for the butcher, who said, "It is nice to think that not all people in the world are like Heidi Klum." [The Daily Mail]
  • Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have apologized for posting a video online complaining about their neighbor's early morning construction work. They blame the incident on their addiction to Twitter. [The Sun]
  • But Demi and Ashton still aren't as addicted as Erykah Badu and her partner Jay Electronica, who twittered the birth of their daughter yesterday. [NY Magazine]
  • Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams are back on, and he's posted pictures on his blog to prove it. [Perez Hilton]
  • Though Kate Moss performed with Pete Doherty's band Babyshambles while they were together, she won't be playing with current boyfriend Jaime Hince's band The Kills. Bandmate Alison Mosshart says that Kate performing with them would be 'totally inappropriate'. [The Daily Mail]
  • A-Rod's divorce from his wife Cynthia was finalized on January 12, so he's now free to date whomever he pleases. Not that being married ever stopped him. [TMZ]
  • What do Bon Jovi, Shaquille O'Neal, Carl Sagan, and F. Scott Fitzgerald have in common? They were inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame today. [AP]
  • Emma Roberts is in two indie movies premiering at Sundance, and she hopes Hotel For Dogs will mark the end of her kiddie movie days. But in case that doesn't work out, she's applied to college and wants to major in "creative writing or novel writing." [Movie Hole]
  • Does Zooey Deschanel bring bad luck to magazines? She was on the cover of the last issue of Jane and the next to last issue of Domino. [NY Magaine]
  • Scott Ruffalo, Mark Ruffalo's younger brother, had trace amounts of cocaine, morphine, and alcohol in his system when he died, but he was not under the influence of drugs when he was shot. Coroners still say his death was a homicide. [People]
  • Nikki Blonsky says the airport brawl her family was involved in six months ago with America's Next Top Model contestant Bianca Golden just brought her family closer together. "I don’t even need to defend myself. It’s pretty obvious that it was just a big scam," she says. [People]
  • Lil' Kim has been complaining about how she's portrayed in the Biggie biopic Notorious and now Biggie's mom, Voletta Wallace, says the casting was "too dark" for her because Kim is "a white woman trapped in a black woman's body." She added that Kim should "go find herself, go drink a cup of green tea and get a life!" [Perez Hiton]
  • "I wasted so many years thinking I wasn't pretty enough and why didn't I have Jessica Lange's body or someone else's legs? What a waste of time. Now I'm enjoying the tatters of what's left and I'm very happy. Part of it is having beautiful strong daughters and hearing them whine about what's wrong with them. I'm like, 'Shut up! You're lovely!'" — Meryl Streep. [The Telegraph]