If Donatella Wasn't Running Versace, She'd Be Having 'a Nervous Breakdown, Probably'

Image via Youtube
Image via Youtube

Last year marked the 20th anniversary of designer Gianni Versace’s death, and while American Crime Story and other true crime shows are returning to the re-sensationalize the murder, the house of Versace has been celebrating Gianni’s legacy in their own way. The last Versace collection was a massive homage of all of Gianni’s greatest hits, complete with a ’90s supermodel finale. And now Donatella Versace is getting Vogue’s 73 questions treatment, taking viewers inside the family’s sprawling Milan apartment.

It’s not hard to keep it simple in a 73 questions video, but somehow Donatella keeps it really simple. Her personal sense of style is “very personal” and she thinks the future will hold “more progress and more technology.” Her answers are also hilariously dry. If she wasn’t running Versace she says she’d be “having a nervous breakdown, probably” and her late brother Gianni would probably say the work she’s doing as artistic director is “not good enough.” “Tell me, is it true that you can’t sew?” the interviewer asks. Donatella replies: “It’s true, I can’t do anything.”

And aside from the obvious (she thinks every woman should own tight, black pants and doesn’t believe in flat shoes) we learn that she mixes together at least four perfumes, and hates when Americans pronounce Versace incorrectly (it’s Versac-ay not Versac-ee.)

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On another note, just how much vaseline did they smear on that lens?