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Bella Hadid appears to be having a great time being the bella of the 2020 New York Fashion Week ball this February. I have no real justification for saying so, other than seeing pics of her parading down A-list runaways with increasing regularity. No look has inspired me, however, until this one: on Monday night, Hadid wore a large, Italian racing red (also known as rosso corsa, I’m fancy) feather cape jacket (complete with witchy hood) during the Oscar De La Renta Fall 2020 fashion show held at the New York Public Library. Underneath the cloak, she wore a slightly more muted and impeccably structured red dress—the colors aren’t exactly identical, but together they exude a strong monochromatic energy that screams sexy Big Bird. If it is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Popsugar reports that Hadid closed out the show, and that her “feathered hooded cape” is actually “hot pink.” That changes things only slightly—hot pink feather screams bachelorette party accoutrements acquired at Party City, and I love de la Renta for elevating that particular design aesthetic. (If this is true, next year, I look forward to couture penis straws.) Either way, it’s a cartoonishly delightful statement. Like, just look at Hadid walk away:

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She looks like an off-brand Grimace from McDonalds. Regardless, I think it is fabulous and the fashion world could stand to have more fun come Fall 2020—the world is going to need it.

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