Your posh British husband Idris Elba directed and starred in the new Mumford & Sons video for the song "Lover of Light," but you already knew that. The two of you discussed it while sitting in your his & her bathrobes and drinking a morning espresso, a daily ritual that, though you've been married a few years now, the two of you can't seem to shake. And then you discussed it again when you met for after-work cocktails (a gibson for him and bourbon on the rocks for you) at the lounge around the corner. He told you all about his ideas — the elk, the breakfast, the countryside —and how they would blend perfectly with the music so it shouldn't surprise you one bit that the video, with its intimate shots of your handsome husband's face, should turn out so beautifully. But of course that's what makes your marriage so wonderful. You're constantly surprising each other. God, you can't believe you get to spend the rest of your life with this man.