Idris Elba and His Girlfriend Had a Baby!

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The World's Dreamiest Man Idris Elba and his beautiful girlfriend Naiyana Garth are parents now, which is wonderful news even though it means you have to quash your disappointment that Idris Elba is not now, and will definitely never be, your boyfriend.

Idris tweeted a picture of his baby's little tiny hand (oh my God look at that lil' baby-hand) grasping his finger and wrote, "My Son Winston Elba was born yesterday..Truly Amazing :-)"

Winston, in addition to being a perfect name for a baby, was also the name of Idris' late father. Congratulations to Idris and Naiyana. Congratulations to us all for living in a world filled with tiny-handed babies. [NY Daily News]


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No matter how long ago your Nickelodeon sitcom ended, no matter how short lived your reality-TV-show-about-Olympic-diving glory lasted, if you insult petulant goblin Justin Bieber, he will track you down and make you suffer. This is evidenced by his recent altercation with Drake Bell, who has slammed him for years (??? I guess???).

The Biebs drove a van up to Drake Bell's album release party at the Grove and proceeded to videotape the assembled Drake Bell fans going into a Bieber-induced frenzy. "So nice seeing my fans at the grove tonight," he captioned the video. He also put up a photo, since deleted, of Drake watching the pandemonium with the caption "Why is @JustinBieber sprinter van getting more attention than my album release party." Please stop Joffreying so much, young Bieber; it's getting frightening. [GossipCop]


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Jared Leto met Jesus, his celebrity doppelganger. Happy Easter. [E!]

  • One Direction's new music video is out. In it, they all shapeshift into one another and play with their respective hairs. Niall looks sooooo dreamy <3 <3 [Billboard]
  • The Kardashian family celebrated their annual spring rite, Khloe Kardashian's birthday, by offering familial selfies to the ever-capricious God of Attention. [E!]
  • Lady Gaga got her wisdom teeth out and plans to put meatballs in the blender. That is honestly the most innovative thing I've heard from her in a while. [E!]
  • Some gossip site is claiming that Rihanna posed for Playboy because someone in a Playboy shirt was lingering around set while she was photographed naked. (It's not true.) [GossipCop]
  • Nick Carter SLAMS Joey Fatone for saying the Backstreet Boys need money. What a fascinating little tale this is. [Gossip Cop]
  • Shia Labeouf bought lunch for a homeless man last week and then was polite to a fan. OK I KNOW I SAY THIS A LOT BUT BLOOD MOON MUCH? [Just Jared]
  • Gwyneth Paltrow is on a "charm offensive" because she's posting Instagrams of herself loving her children. Lololol ok. [Page Six]
  • Leighton Meester says that female writers are inspiring to her: "I'm a big fan of Joan Didion, Anaïs Nin, just female writers who have the sensitivity, the drive, and the consciousness to capture the female point of view." LEIGHTON 4EVER. [ONTD]
  • Jay Z and Beyonce were spotted filming something on a motorcycle together. It is clearly "Bound 3." [ONTD]

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Emma Golddigger

This title should say "Idris Elba and His Girlfriend Had the Cutest Baby in History." We can say this with 100% confidence without having seen any pictures. Their baby probably makes every other baby look like a tiny pile of garbage.