Idiot's Facebook Conversation About the Word 'Suffrage' Is Delightful

Straight off the bat, I cannot confirm if the following Facebook exchange is real. It was sent to me by a friend (what up, io9's Meredith Woerner) and neither of us could find a site to source it back to. That said, if it is real, this conversation on the flexibility of the word "suffrage" — particularly in relation to women's suffrage — is breathtakingly stupid and hilarious.

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To be fair, "i just don't think it should be limited to that form of usage" should probably apply to every word in the English language. In fact, the next time you say anything to me, I'm going to make it mean "Madeleine, I am going to give you $100 now" because that's the usage I want and need.

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We're going to have to let Dorothy Zbornak handle this one...