Idiot Vandals Paint the Word ‘Bicth’ on Woman’s Car

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A woman in York City, Penn. found some unpleasant, albeit hilarious, graffiti stenciled all over her SUV, including the word "bicth," as in the non-idiot word "bitch," in white paint on the the driver's side door. Even though it might seem a little difficult to make a careless spelling error when you're moving at the speed of spray paint, acts of vandalism — such as TPing someone's house with cellophane and bashing mailboxes with pool noodles — tend to beget carelessness, and the York City spray paint misspelling is no different. You'd think that the group might have appointed a copyeditor to give all acts a vandalism a quick once-over, but it seems that nocturnal tagging is a really sloppy industry, not at all like its print-media predecessor, mustache-drawing on movie posters.


The York Dispatch noted that the owner of the vandalized car just couldn't catch a break that night, as she also reported her motorcycle stolen. Thankfully, it was recovered a little while later, sans any misspelled words.

Spelling-challenged vandals hit woman's SUV [York Dispatch]

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