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I Would Die For This Christmas Weed

Illustration for article titled I Would Die For This Christmas Weed
Screenshot: WTVG

Apparently someone decorated a weed that was growing out of a crack in a sidewalk in Toledo, Ohio with tinsel and now this small and brave holly jolly plant has gone viral. “There’s a little Christmas magic pushing up through the pavement at one of the busiest intersections in Toledo,” a local WTVG news reporter declared.


The Washington Post reports:

Instead, the Christmas weed — “the total embodiment of the Spirit of Toledo,” one Facebook commenter wrote — became an unexpected highlight of the season. One family used it as a backdrop for their holiday photos. Others made plans to gather at the intersection and sing Christmas carols.


For a moment there was drama:

All the attention on social media had one downside: Someone attempted to “steal” the Christmas weed and removed some of its branches in the process, Emrick said. But what was presumably a mean-spirited prank did little to diminish the Christmas cheer. “Instead of people getting angry, someone put a dead potted houseplant there and replaced it,” she said.

But now the Christmas Weed and the Dead Christmas Potted Houseplant stand proudly side by side, to bring the town (and me) cheer. My heart was coal, and now it is not. The Christmas weed has broken me, for good.

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Christmas weed.