I Wonder What Yolanda Hadid Thinks of Lifetime's New Series Growing Up Supermodel

Kendall Jenner and the Hadid sisters’ success was bound to inspire the next generation of wannabe models. Now, that new generation is getting its very own show.


The trailer for Growing Up Supermodel—Lifetime’s questionable new reality series about celebrity kids with modeling aspirations—includes this statement from Steven Seagal’s daughter Arissa Le Brock: “No. I’m me.” It’s true that she is who she is. And I am me. And you are you.

Via Lifetime, which is using the term “supermodel” loosely:

“Growing Up Supermodel” follows a new group of hot young models risking it all to live up to the careers of their famous parents. With the names and the genes of their gorgeous parents on their side, these celebrity offspring seem destined to make it to the top, but the right DNA is only half the battle in this competitive world.


The cast of Growing Up Supermodel includes: Cambrie and Faith Schroder (the daughters of actor Ricky Schroder and Andrea Bernard), Atiana De La Hoya (daughter of actress/model Shanna Moakler and boxer Oscar De La Hoya), Arissa Le Brock (daughter of supermodel/actress Kelly Le Brock and actor Steven Seagal), Cairo Peele (daughter of supermodel Beverly Peele), Jake Moritt (son of actress Krista Allen), and Janis Ostojic (son of model JD Ostojic).

A few questions... well, just one: What kind of legitimate modeling are these kids doing? “The world of fashion has changed. The most in-demand models have a famous last name,” says Cambrie. Here’s a screenshot for the part where Andrea Bernard tells the other parents over dinner, “Cambrie doesn’t want to be co-branded with people that aren’t at the same level.”

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Somewhere, Yolanda Hadid just spat out her bone broth while watching this.

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hot young models risking it all to live up to the careers of their famous parents

Risking it all? Will they be left homeless and destitute if they don’t make it to the top? Is appearing on this show that life threatening?