"I Went With The Flow:" Rielle Hunter Repulsed By GQ Photo Shoot

A few minutes ago on The View, Barbara Walters revealed that she had a conversation with Rielle Hunter this morning, and that Hunter found the sexy photos of herself in GQ "repulsive." So, um, why did she pose for them?

Hunter apparently told Babs that she trusted the GQ photographer and "went with the flow," assuming that most of the pictures in the shoot were not sexually suggestive. Elisabeth Hasselbeck actually had a rare good point to make: "wasn't she behind a camera for John Edwards?" Presumably Hunter of all people knows how photography — and especially sexy photography — works. More Elisabeth here:

"If you're gonna involve Kermit, Barney, and Dora, put your pants on!" Truer words were never spoken.


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I work as a wardrobe stylist: a lot of photogs are skeezy. Even if the photog was not skeezy, he had some sort of concept. As the 'model,' Rielle got a lot of attention and I'm sure was being told she 'looked great, yes, love it.' Words to that effect. I was also repulsed by the pictures. Frankly, I'm glad she said she was too: I think this is a case of flattery gone wrong.