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'I Want It Blacker': Here's the First Trailer for Nicole Byer's Loosely Exactly Nicole

Nicole Byer, Upright Citizens Brigade alum and fan favorite from the MTV show Girl Code, has finally debuted the trailer for her new show Loosely Exactly Nicole, a comedic look on her life as a black actress struggling to make it in Hollywood.


In the teaser, Byer encounters a white commercial casting agent who tells her to make her performance “ lady black...Oprah black,” a scene based on her 2013 UCB sketch about black stereotypes and auditioning.

But it’s not all about the trials and tribulations of acting. It’s also about the trials and tribulations of dating, friendship, and attempting to break open a jewelry case after being slighted by a retail employee. Basic life stuff, in other words, but, because it’s Nicole Byer, it looks like a freaking blast.


Loosely Exactly Nicole premieres September 5 on MTV.

Managing Editor, Jezebel

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“Be Blacker” is one of my favorite videos ever. Party Over Here, the sketch show she is/was recently in that was produced by the Lonely Island guys, was very bad. In my opinion.
So I am cautiously optimistic that her very own show will be hilarious.