Confession: this isn't the Howl premiere at Sundance. That was boring. This is Legion, at L.A.'s ArcLight's Cinerama Dome Theater, and very nice and star-studded it was, too. But I'll be damned if I'm cheated out of my Ginsberg reference!

I love dandies gone wild. Hence, I love Doug Jones, who appears to have escaped from the pages of The Chap, crossed with The Hulk.

We don't talk about Friday Night Lights enough around here. Which makes it hard to debate how we feel about Adrianne Palicki's hair color and bedazzled bandage situation.


I have been staring at this for the past 20 minutes and still have no leads on why Tia Carrere is carrying a parasol.

We've all, like Lily Collins, fallen prey to the lure of the statement belt.


Kate Walsh always makes it look so easy: it's the earrings that really make it, yes?

I'm confused, and intrigued, by Willa Holland's shoes, which are in such stark contrast to her careful bombshell getup and hair.


While I have certain concerns about Paul Bettany's Darwin biopic, the man can wear a suit. And his mastery of biology in Master and Commander was undeniable.


Vail Bloom, red carpet leggings. Tights Are Not Pants put up a good fight, but we have to know when to raise the white flag.

Actor Gunner Wright demonstrates that a denim trench is, indeed, a lot of denim.


Deja Kreutzberg is apparently being forced by a principal to do a fingertip test, failing.


Really digging James Cromwell's old salt look.

And the fact that Jeanette Miller is dressed for festive comfort!

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