I Need to Figure Out Who the Famous New Yorkers In This Blind Item Are

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Here’s the thing, I’m terrible at figuring out blind items—the worst, in fact—and after reading a detailed new one in Lainey Gossip today, I had no guesses. No leads. My brain took in the information, and immediately diffused it. But maybe you’re better at this than I am!


Take a look at this item “about a hot actor and a married woman with a famous husband” and see if it rings any bells:

It’s been a while since he’s made a relationship stick. Because he’s so devoted to his work. One relationship apparently fell apart because of his work. We love him because he’s great at his job and so personable, handsome and cute at the same time. And stays out of trouble, off the party circuit, never attached to any drug-doing smut. Maybe the trouble he gets into has to do with who he hooks up with?

So we’ve got a handsome, single, workaholic actor with a very good reputation who never stays in a relationship too long. Moving on:

According to gossips in New York, he had an affair with the wife of a wealthy celebrity. Because of her marriage, she’s well-connected and has her own famous friendship circle that overlaps with his friendship circle. And while she doesn’t seem like his recent types, you don’t have to go back too far to find similarities with a previous type. This happened a while ago and ended not dramatically.

A wealthy celebrity suggests “non-actor” to me...so....businessman? Entrepreneur? A wife who isn’t the actor’s “type” might mean she’s...older than he is? None of this is doing anything for me, but is it doing something for you?

[Lainey Gossip]

Hailey Baldwin, the daughter of Stephen Baldwin, broke her foot at the Met Gala again! Did you know Hailey Baldwin broke her foot at the Met Gala last year? Of course you didn’t! But now you know she’s broken her foot at the Met Gala two years in a row!


Hailey is not—nor has she ever been—my “girl,” but I get the point of that tweet.


Adds Gossip Cop:

Kendall Jenner joked about Baldwin’s 2015 Met Gala injury in an Instagram post. “She dumb,” wrote Jenner, posting a shot of her friend in a car frowning while wearing her first medical boot.


[Gossip Cop]

Do we think Kylie is referring to herself or Kendall here?


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ONTD figured it out-

actor- jake gyllenhaal

wealthy person- howard stern

wife- beth stern

you’re welcome, bobby!