I Need This Giant Cat Head For Something

So here’s the deal... I need this giant cat head. For what? It’s for a project...

Alas, they’re not for sale. Right now, it’s just a piece of art from the sick mind of Housetu Sato and his students, who designed this dope, real cat head for an exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. (These images are of the students wearing the cat head.)


According to Mashable:

The giant creepy feline mask is made from felt wool, just in case you were worried about any real cats being harmed.

Currently there are no plans to sell the cat head, Sato says in a Q&A, but he’s definitely open to creating more.

He should be. The exhibition is on display in Tokyo from April 18-23. It is the living embodiment of the Internet.


And I need one:


Images via here / Instagram (s/o to Bobby Finger)

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