Can you just...go around me

This dog looks like it kinda thinks all the other dogs around it are expending way too much energy.

Happy Tails Resort, a doggie daycare in Norfolk, Virginia, loves to share Facebook videos of their clients swimming in a pool with what some might describe as an appropriate level of dog glee. Except for this one dog in the middle, whom I feel very deeply on a molecular level.

It appears this dog is not only cynical but also has the optimal amount of suspicion of its surroundings. Just stares into the camera. Swim? Fetch? Bark? Rather not. But may I ask why you are filming us?


The resort has affectionately labeled the dog “Non Swimming Dog” and Mashable calls him a “socially awkward dog.” OR, maaaayyybe all the other crazies around him seem a bit hyperactive and maybe he’d rather be ALONE than splash around in this pee infested PRISON TANK full of feces particles.


TFW you can’t even dog paddle:


Image via screengrab/Facebook