Can't a blobfish catch a break? It's not his fault that he's literally Poseidon's booger. Not content with simply making fun of the fact that blobfish looks like a forcemeat jello shot who just got laid off, the people of earth had to go and made it official: We've voted blobfish the #1 ugliest creature found in nature.

But, hey, at least it's for a good cause:

The vote was orchestrated by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, which aims to raise awareness of creatures whose risk of extinction is largely ignored because they are not 'cuddly' enough.

Simon Watt, who founded the society, asked a group of eleven celebrities and comedians to film short videos promoting one creature as the ugliest in the world.

...Mr Watt announced the results at the British Science Festival, with the blobfish coming out on top with 795 "likes", and told an audience he hoped the exercise would "raise the profile of some of mother nature's most aesthetically challenging creatures".

He said: "We are very good at talking about mammals – people all know about the panda and the snow leopard and tigers and lions, and you'd swear at times that's all we care about.

So, since the whole point of the contest is to save the blobfish, I guess now we expect the blobfish to THANK US FOR CALLING IT EARTH'S #1 DISGUSTING PINK TURD. Well, not me, blobfish. I think you're beautiful. You are the Cindy Crawford of canned pork brains. #blobbypositivity

(Also, I am joking—this campaign is adorable and you should watch the blobfish video, above. It is totally charming and funny and full of blobfish emotions.)