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I Can Only Assume That Pete Buttigieg Thinks Fried Chicken Should Be Eaten With a Knife and Fork

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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The Washington Post has an in-depth story on Pete Buttigieg’s years-long effort to understand anti-black racism, and it kicks off with a charming anecdote about a time when he was a college intern for Renee Ferguson, a well-known television reporter in Chicago, and he was baffled by the idea that being a white man might have helped him gain access to a building that Ferguson, a black woman, was turned away from.

After she explained the pretty fucking obvious dynamics of the situation, they had this exchange:

“I think I understand what white privilege looks like,” Ferguson recalled telling Buttigieg.

“I don’t know if that’s what’s going on,” he said.

“Yes, you do know,” she said. “I couldn’t get in, but you could. Think about how many times in your life that you’ve just been able to walk through doors and the rest of us got turned away.”


And Ferguson is a Buttigieg supporter! Ouch. But more importantly, we also learn that Buttigieg perhaps doesn’t know how to eat fried chicken:

Buttigieg is still asking how to deal with addressing differences.

He brought it up with the Rev. Al Sharpton when they dined at a soul food restaurant in Harlem. Sharpton noticed that Buttigieg was “very self-conscious in that he did not want to rub people the wrong way or be misunderstood,” so much so that he asked Sharpton if it was okay to eat fried chicken with his hands.


You eat fried chicken with your fucking hands, dude.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders has no problems discerning the correct way to eat common food objects, as I learned in this good profile of his campaign by BuzzFeed’s Ruby Cramer that maybe made me cry a little bit:

In one swift hand motion, as if to dispense with this line of inquiry entirely, he lifts the slice from its white paper plate, folds the crust lengthwise, takes a large bite, and swallows.

“This is my life,” he says.

Ivanka Trump was recently at the Doha Forum in Qatar, where she continued to pursue her passion for standing. And while BuzzFeed reports that “an array of senior leaders took hard questions” on topics ranging from allegations of war crimes to the impeachment of Donald Trump, Ivanka was pitched some softball questions by... a State Department spokesperson... who works with Ivanka.


Here are some of the extremely hardhitting questions Ivanka was asked:

  • “You were able to put women’s prosperity into the national security strategy. That was so important to me that you did that and I’d love for you to explain that.”
  • ”Speaking of travels you’ve been in Morocco recently... Can you tell us more about the trip and highlights?”
  • “With all of the successes of the initial launch what are you doing to ensure this lasts much beyond your time in the White House?”

How many times do you think Ivanka said “actualize” in her responses?

  • A real 2019 sentence, y’all: “President Trump opened a new, dental front Sunday in his periodic feuding with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, suggesting on Twitter that her teeth were falling out as she answered a reporter’s question about why bribery was not made an article of impeachment.” [Washington Post]
  • If you have some free time, here’s the 650-page report by the House Judiciary Committee laying out why Donald Trump should be impeached. The House is expected to vote on Wednesday. [House Judiciary Committee]
  • Here’s a nice video clip of Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade “stunned,” but unfortunately not into silence, by a Fox News poll showing that many people do in fact support impeaching Donald Trump.
  • Cue the world’s tiniest violin: after anti-impeachment New Jersey Representative Jeff Van Drew, a moderate Democrat, decided to switch to the Republican Party over the weekend, almost all of his staff resigned, and both parties now apparently hate him. Good job dude! [New York Times]
  • Former presidential candidate and Republican #GirlBoss Carly Fiorina wants to impeach Trump but maaaaaaybe would still vote for him in 2020. [Politico]
  • Amy Klobuchar still thinks she can win the Democratic nomination, bless her heart. “The ultimate compliment in Iowa is: ‘You’re in my top three,’” Klobuchar said recently. Inspiring. [Bloomberg]
  • In 2006, Elizabeth Warren turned down a lucrative consulting job after concerns were raised by a consumer advocacy group. [CNBC]