I Am the Hypebeast Pigeon. Get Inspired

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Though some might proclaim me as such, I don’t consider myself a fashion icon. Not exactly. I enjoy wearing nice things. And shopping as well. I like colors. I like sneakers. I professionally stunt. On occasion. Some might call me an influencer. Okay. I guess I’m fly. Here’s my latest.

Neon pink kicks (eBay) wading in a puddle. A windbreaker splashed in a pastel colorway. For the gusts that ruffle my feathers. A touch of Pantone purple peaking out the wings. Ultra violet, I should say. Beak on fleek. No biggie. Just a chill day. It’s cool. It’s not about style. Cultural currency is more my thing.

I dunno. I am who I am. I like to stand out. In my own way. Not be some regular-degular pigeon. If you’re inspired, cool. If not, okay. But you kinda should be.


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