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I Am Still Obsessed With These Kids Working it in a Musical Number From Hamilton

For four days now, all I have been able to do is re-watch this video of these kids in a gender-swapped edition of the song “The Schulyer Sisters” from the Broadway insta-classic Hamilton, and now that’s all you will be able to do, too.


Those finger snaps. That footwork with attitude (footitude?). That work. That werk.

I am happy that these tiny humans with talent exist and have given me what is now my audio equivalent of a vision board, is all I’m saying.


The number, which has gone viral, was filmed at the MCC Theater’s MisCast 2016 gala,a musical event that showcases Broadway stars performing as characters they would never be cast as. In this case, a trio of kids who are currently starring in Broadway shows—Luca Padovan (School of Rock), Joshua Colley (Les Miserables) and Douglas Baldeo (Kinky Boots)—were cast as American colonial bad bitches Angelica, Peggy, and Eliza Schulyer, along with the excellent actress Ana Villafañe (On Your Feet!) as founding father/scumbucket Aaron Burr, a certified trust fund baby you can trust.

And you know the kid in the blue can throw the fiercest shade. You just know.

Oh, and here’s a bonus: Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt’s Tituss Burgess and Tina Fey also made an appearance.

My job’s done, going back to my YouTube k-hole now.

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