I Am Cait Reportedly Canceled After Two Seasons Because She 'Just Wasn't Relatable'

Reports this week claim I Am Cait, the reality show chronicling Caitlyn Jenner’s life after coming out as transgender, has been canceled after two eight-episode seasons.

Though E! has yet to confirm the claims, they’re not hard to believe—given the show’s history of low ratings. A source told Radar Online that it simply “can’t compete with other programming.” Its season premiere in March had just 750,000 viewers, while the May premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians had well over 2 million.


Writes Radar:

“Caitlyn just wasn’t relatable,” the insider says of the Donald Trump supporter, 66, who often clashed with her liberal friends on the show. “Trans viewers did not see her as one of them.”

If I Am Cait doesn’t make it back to E! next year, you can catch her on season three of Amazon’s Transparent.

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