Hurt Locker Star Taking His Momma To Oscars, But Not Doing Her Makeup

The Hurt Locker's handsome and devastatingly charming Jeremy Renner was on Ellen's show this afternoon, and explained that after he invited his mother to join him at the Academy Awards on Sunday, she "got really angry."

To her credit, waffle deprivation is a valid reason to be pissed. Renner also revealed that he has experience as a makeup artist, and offered this valuable tip: "Frame the face." Clip above.

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Does anybody remember when he was on that reality show about young struggling actors in LA? I think during the course of filming the show, he got cast in Dahmer, so he was the big success story. I loved that show, and him on it, and I have not laid eyes on him in anything he's ever done since. But the way he was on that show was enough to make me be rooting for him now.