Hurley From Lost Makes His Own Halloween Costumes

Lovable Jorge Garcia — Hurley on Lost — was on the Bonnie Hunt show today. Jorge started out discussing how hard it is not to laugh when shooting intense scenes, saying:

"I cannot look at Matthew Fox… We cannot keep a straight face." Since the show is shot in Hawaii, outside of the L.A. "scene," Jorge says he thinks of Lost "a show that just me and my friends do out in the jungle." He also said sometimes the cast will be distracted by whales or seals when filming (he totally used the word pinniped!). Jorge is an avid gardener, and showed Bonnie pictures of his heirloom tomatoes and his "salad bar." In addition to having a green thumb, Jorge is also crafty; he loves making Halloween costumes and has been an oyster and a fish in a fishtank. Verdict: He is awesome. Clip above.


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Hurley is totally, like, the puppy of the show—you know how in some movies, if a dog likes someone you know they're okay? That's him: he's the litmus for how WE should feel. If Hurley likes someone, you like them. If he dislikes them, you dislike them. If someone tries to hurt him, you know they are the scum of the Earth...