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Hunger Games Casting Update: Wes Bentley Is Seneca Crane

Illustration for article titled emHunger Games/em Casting Update: Wes Bentley Is Seneca Crane

Wes Bentley has landed the role of "Head Gamemaker" Seneca Crane in the upcoming Hunger Games movie. You may remember him from such films as American Beauty, Ghost Rider, and Christmas Ape Goes To Summer Camp (not really, that's a Troy McClure film).


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Phyllis Nefler

Every once in a while Freddy Nefler and I will wonder "What the hell happened to Wes Bentley?" (this is usually after American Beauty referenced somehow) Guess we won't be able to say that for a while.

Also, not how I pictured Seneca Crane, but that's pretty much par for the course as far as casting for this movie has been concerned. The only major casting decision I'm curious about at this point is Haymitch. I want Hugh Laurie. I know there's a strong RDJ camp out there, but I don't see him as Haymitch. I think he'd play Haymitch like Tony Stark.