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According to the Washington Post, hundreds gathered in New Delhi, India on Sunday to protest the release of one of the New Delhi rapists. Indian authorities released the unnamed man after serving three years in a correctional home.


The man participated in the gang rape 23-year-old New Delhi medical student in 2012. The victim and a friend were tricked into boarding a bus which the men had stolen. The six men took turns raping the medical student, leaving her with internal injuries so severe that she died two weeks later. The brutal crime sparked protests across the country, and four of the men involved were sentenced to death by hanging. They are currently appealing the decision. A fifth man was also sentenced to a juvenile facility for the crime, he committed suicide while in prison.

Months short of his 18th birthday, the man released today was a minor at the time of the gang rape and sent to a juvenile facility. Three years is currently the maximum detention for minors in Indian, and authorities declined to extend his sentence.


Hundreds of protesters joined the victim’s parents to protest the man’s release. The Washington Post reports:

Students held placards saying “No exceptions, no excuses, hang the rapists” and “We have no faith in the judiciary.” Another sign said, “Incredible India. If you are 18 come, rape and walk away.”

Some protesters said they had demonstrated on the streets three years ago, as well.

“When so many thousands of us came here three years ago, we thought things would change. But we are back here shouting the same slogans for speedy and strong punishment for the rapists today,” said a 21-year-old college student who gave her name as Bhavna.

As a result, activists in the country are demanding that the legal age of juvenile be reduced from 18 to 16. The lower house of India’s Parliament has passed a bill that would try juveniles accused of brutal crimes like gang rape and murder as adults, but the bill has not yet passed the upper house.

“The government has all the powers in its hands, they can stop his release, they can change laws,” the victim’s mother, Asha Singh said today. “As a mother, I feel quite helpless today.”


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In the US he would have been tried as an adult. I am going to describe what they did to her which is likely to be triggering but it’s important to know how horrifying this was.

When you say she was raped and left with internal injuries so severe she died, it doesn’t communicate the horror of what happened to her. They took a metal bar with a hook on the end and shoved it into her vagina so far it broke through into her abdomen and hooked onto her intestines, which were pulled out and onto the floor. They threw pieces of her intestines out of the bus door onto the street. Her abdomen was left like soup. This is why doctors weren’t able to save her. What these men did is unspeakably horrifying. And yet some of them still think they did nothing wrong.