In late September, the L.A. Times wrote a long op-ed on the difficulties Prop 60 would introduce into the lives of adult film performers, explaining how many organizations are against the bill:

The lawsuit provision is one of the reasons a number of organizations outside the porn industry, including the Los Angeles County Commission on HIV, Equality California and AIDS Project Los Angeles, have signed on to oppose this measure. It’s also telling that the California Medical Assn., which backed a state bill requiring condom use in the adult industry in 2014, decided to stay neutral on Proposition 60. Both the state Democratic and Republican parties are on record as opposed to Proposition 60 as well.


The crux of the matter is money. Those campaigning against Prop 60 have very little funding compared to Weinstein. THR shadily writes that he is “pouring millions in funds earmarked for AIDS patients” into his TV spots for Prop 60, and also using some of AHF’s money to buy billboards that protest the mega-structures being built around his Hollywood office.

Weinstein’s interests are suspect, but Tasha Reign states clearly why Prop 60 matters to her. She says, “I want to be able to say: I’m a sex worker. I have a choice in the way that I protect my genitals. This is a huge issue for me.”